The Truth About David Myatt


Are you ready for the truth behind the mythos? Are you ready to receive True Satanic knowledge? Can you handle the truth? Can you? The truth that truly reveals the true nature of Myatt’s true nature? Most of you internet Satanists  / ONA fanboys are wimps and idiots. Facebook Faggots. Liberals and leftists who’d cry from seeing the truth of the man you worship and idolize or seeing what genuine Satanism looks like in practice. You wouldn’t know genuine Satanism, genuine Occult knowledge,  or genuine Satanic Adepts if such bit you on the ass. Fucking crybabies. Several hacktivists and Adepts of the Dark Empire have been collecting information about the truth behind Myatt and about genuine Satanism over the past few years. Seek and ye shall find. Ask and it shall be given unto you.


The Weird Sister And Her Fairy Tales

Anna Czereda

image004 Hans Adolf Bühler “Homecoming”

This is a polemical response to an article written by an anonymous blogger, Wyrdsister, titled “Suspicious Propaganda.” The article is here.

The Wyrdsister refers to the former blog The Satanic Icons And The Question Of Evil, which she calls anti-Myatt propaganda, accusing me of “trying to discredit Mr Myatt.” Apparently, Mr Myatt is a sacred cow that cannot be criticized, even if the said “criticism” boils down to mere demolishing of myths and legends that surround His Unholiness.

The part that Ms Wyrdsister has an issue with is:

One rumor is that Myatt inspired the bomber Copeland [but] all we have is the gossip of the leftist morons from Searchlight.

The original quote is:

One of such rumors is that Myatt inspired the bomber, Copeland. Perhaps, he did. Perhaps, he didn’t. All we have is the gossip of the leftist morons from Searchlight.


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Founder of Order Nine Angles dies in brothel?


After rumors emerged recently on ONA blogs that founder of the Order of Nine Angles David Myatt died in Egypt in 2016, the extreme right forums have also been mentioning his rumored death.

The latest post yesterday on Vanguard News Network forum by a senior member called “Andy” a poster of long standing said:

“Movement crackpot and deviant in all senses of the word has died.Myatt went “native” in his latter years died in an all male brothel in Egypt.”

Despite lack of evidence of his death lewd details apparently are emerging from those who claim to be in the know which suggests that Myatt might have been indulging in homosexual or pederast activities with males in a brothel at the time of his death in Egypt.


Until there is some official confirmation such as a death certificate the alleged death and circumstances surrounding it of David Myatt can only…

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The following conversation was extracted from:
Originally Posted By: Dark Magician

The difference in the operating systems downloaded is basically irrelevant at a macro level – each operating system is a type of control, created by others, which we need to use in order to signify and function in certain ways. At a basic level accepting and downloading a software described as ONA is no different than downloading a software called nomos, or law and order, or whatever.

The basic language used to structure interpretation/meaning, and the value system, used to determine acceptable and non-acceptable actions is created by someone else. It is a type of control created by others, which we are expected to use in order to function in certain ways.


Excellent point! No ONA fanboy yet has seen it from this point of view.

Can’t you see there is no difference fundamentally?


There is one difference: software Programmer and software user.

Robert Anton Wilson once said: “He who has the power to define has the ultimate power.”

As far as ONA goes there is only one Programmer who defines what ONA is; what its structure, memes, views, lexicon, morals, esoterica, belief-set are. And that’s David Myatt. Myatt goes so far as to state that not only does he know that an acausal [supernatural] realm exists, but that he also knows – has defined – that there are 21 dark gods, each with specific names and attributes.

The idea that you could just download ONA and be free is ridiculous. The fact that so many poorly executed sentences exist here in regards to this matter, is sure-fire evidence that you are more mind-fucked than you ever imagined.


You wouldn’t be free. It’s not liberation – moksha – its Substitution. Where you simply substitute one set of ideas for Myatt’s concoction.

Liberation is when you Renunciate what has been defined for you, denoted for you, manufactured for you, and you empower yourself by producing your own ideas, insights, views, etc.

It would serve the individual better if they read ONA shit, and took what they needed. As opposed to sucking Myatt’s dick and installing his “software.”

In the end, it’s a matter of who/whom you are Empowering: (a) your Self or (b) Myatt, LaVey, etc.

The fact that so many poorly executed sentences exist here in regards to this matter, is sure-fire evidence that you are more mind-fucked than you ever imagined.


LOL… he’s a hillbilly with an internet connection… cut him some slack. He’s trying hard. And its entertaining.

Watching Darryl reminds me of a fitting bible verse about new wine and old wineskin:  Poor Darryl just switched his scientism wine for Myatt wine and forgot to change his whineskin. He is still his same old self: big ego, pretentious, messianic complex. Before he was on a mission to save Satanism with science. Now he’s on a mission to save Satanism with ONA.

And the funny part is: he doesn’t understand he’s a user of the software and not the programmer. There is a reason why the word “memeplex” is useful to use: a meme is a mind virus that Uses minds to self-replicate.

For you ONA fanboys out there here are some rhetorical questions to ask yourself: Why am I propagating ONA? Why do I put in the time and energy to try to make other human beings adopt ONA? How do I benefit from working to spread ONA?

The Puppet Show Continues

This is a comical pastime.  So, over at the 600 Club, which Dave reads everyday, Michael Aquino has made a whole entire thread there about David Myatt. Dave is very pleased that on some random internet forum there are people talking about him.

Here’s the thread link:

In that thread The Zebu brings up an observation about Myatt’s inability to stop using the same grey template for all of his websites. Here is a quote:

[begin quote]

Regarding Myatt, it’s the stock response of the ONA to insist there is no “proof” of the Myatt=Long equation, though there is a pretty large body of correlations (for instance, early copies of the proto-ONA novel ‘Falcifer’ being signed by Myatt, and a painting by Moult of a dude that is totally not Myatt sitting besides what is most certainly not the ONA heptagram upside down, and the inability of Myatt to stop using the same old gray HTML template for everything… to say nothing of the stylistic/biography parallels) suggesting that Long either is Myatt or, as CZ aptly put it, a pathological stalker stealing Myatt’s identity on the behalf of a group of other Myatt stalkers whom Myatt himself appears completely unaware of.

[end quote]

To this was added the following:

[begin quote]

LOL. I didn’t think anybody would catch this one! I’ve been waiting for several years for somebody – anybody – to bring this one up.

Myatt/Long/Socks use Seamonkey to make his websites. He also uses Seamonkey to make the very typical/familiar grey ONA PDF/MSS.

He insists that all of his socks are different people… if so, I find it very odd that a dozen people associated with Myatt would all use Seamonkey to make their websites; like “Julie Wright” for example; and use Cairo to make all their ONA MSS/PDFs.

[end quote]

So you have other people in the world – who are not trolls [like The Zebu] – who can see through the goofy smoke and mirror Oz Wizardry of Myatt.

It was observed that Dave and all the sock-people associated with him – i.e.: Julie Wright, R. Parker, DarkLogos, etc – all use Seamonkey to make the same grey website style; and all use Seamonkey to make PDFs, and all use Unix Operating System, and all use Cairo to make their PDFs/MSS.

So the oddities are:

  1. You have a whole entire dozen “people” who hover around Myatt, who run to his defense whenever anybody talks about him [Dave] anywhere on the internet. This happens year after year after year. You ONA fanboys are to believe that Dave has an army of people who spend tens of years [decades] talking about Myatt, reviewing Myatt’s writings, writing biographies for Myatt, defending Myatt.
  2. You ONA True Believers [fanboys] are now expected to believe that the “inner circle” of ONA adepts follow a “Manual of Style.” A common guideline or shared protocols that stipulates how ONA adepts are to write, talk, make websites, make PDFs, etc.

As Dave explains it [away] …and right on cue:

[begin quote]

As mentioned to some correspondents over the years {2}, those who are associated with the Falciferian O9A have had an “ONA Manual of Style” just as many older, established, newspapers (such as the Guardian and the New York Times) have their in-house manuals of style and usage. Such manuals are often updated every few decades, and are useful guides that enable printed items to have an ‘in-house’ style. Given the non-hierarchical structure and ethos of the O9A, the ONA manual offers guidance, recommending best practice rather than giving rules which are expected be followed.

The ONA manual deals not only with the specific – O9A assigned – meaning of certain words (such as nexion, presencing, mundanes, culling) but also with many other topics, such as (i) whether certain words – for example ‘satanism’ and ‘satan’ – should be with an upper or a lower case S, (ii) how titles and subtitles should appear (usually, and against current convention) with all words beginning with upper case), (iii) how footnotes should be numbered and displayed (usually numbered within curly brackets), (iv) how each page should be set out, (v) how texts should display the name of the author, and (vi) how the introduction to following paragraphs should be phrased, with suggestions ranging from ‘However’ to ‘In addition’ to ‘Thus’.

A recent update suggested that the name Howard Stanton Levey, or Howard Levey, be used instead of the pseudonym ‘Anton LaVey’, and that the use of ‘yfayen’/Year of Fayen can be replaced with the year according to the ‘Current Era’ calendar.

In addition, the ONA manual has guidelines regarding formatting, the avoidance of vulgar language, the use of common contractions such as “it’s” and “there’s” (to be mostly avoided), and how pdf’s should be produced, via Acrobat Web Capture for large compilations with internal hyperlinks in the Contents (paper size US Letter, Portrait), and (in the 2012 edition of the manual) using the internal pdf creator of Seamonkey Composer for smaller texts and smaller compilations. {3}

Initially compiled by ‘Anton Long’ in the early 1990s, the manual has gone through several editions, with one of its main functions being inspired by what was once termed ‘the Aquino fallacy’ {4}, that is by the 1990s claim by Aquino that the ONA was just one man using the same typewriter and several pseudonyms. This function was expressed by ‘Anton Long’ in a letter to Mr Austen dated 23rd August 103yf: “to make people like you draw the conclusion you were intended to make.” {5} This function has obviously been successful over the decades, given the assumptions made, and the conclusions drawn, over decades by various self-described satanists and O9A critics, with the same assumptions being made and the same conclusions drawn even today.

With the main function of the manual having, over the decades, been achieved (to the amusement of two generations of O9A Adepts) and with the advent of such mediums as internet blogs – where the styling is usually fixed by the ‘theme’ chosen – there has been some internal debate as to whether the ONA manual of style and usage is still relevant today.


[end quote]

Dave, you get goofier and goofier with your shit. Right on cue – you can’t help it – people talk about you over at The 600 Club, and you blog shit to respond to them indirectly, in the 3rd person. And your explanation of why all of your sock people – your so-called ONA adepts – share the same style or writing, neologisms, grey website templates, PDF style, and so on, is fucking silly. But that’s not important.

The important thing is that you ONA fanboys have got to be fucking retarded if you believe all this shit and take it at face value.

This is the “game” Dave is playing with you fanboys. It’s a stupid game that anybody with critical thinking skills can see through.

Instead of being honest, you fanyboys are led by Dave to believe that his dozen sock-people are actual real other people. When Dave is asked to provide proof to verify that his sock people are real people, he evades, deflects,  and weasels his way into a new subject. And you fanboys are expected to believe this shit at face value. Do you believe in shit without any critical thinking, skepticism; without proof?

Instead of being honest – intellectually honest – with you fanboys, Dave makes up shit; like this “Manual of Style” to explain away holes in his labyrinth of bullshit; his Mythos. And you fanboys believe this shit without question? Without doubt? Without skepticism? Without critical thinking?

How ignorant are you guys? The fact is: Dave is the inner circle / old guards. He uses sockpuppets. The reality is that Dave is the only acceptable ONA “adept.” What makes an ONA adept “adept” is not what they have done, not how far they have gone through the 7FW, not how many years of praxis but: that they have silly answers to silly “esoteric questions.” The reality is that none of you ONA fanboys have ever and will never be ONA adepts. The ONA has never produced an “adept” and never will, because this is the game Dave is playing with you fanboys.

The Glass Ceiling

—begin quote—

@Dave: You’re so fucking stupid, you can’t see shit LOL. You pretend to be some occult grandmaster with esoteric occult skills. Like you have “aeonic insight” Dave.

You’re alive right now, and you’re collecting a crowd of people shitting on you, losing respect for you, even from within your own ONA following. And you are alive now to see this. When you are dead in a few years, without you animating your sock personas: Who will fucking defend you?

You’re done Dave. You will be forgotten and irrelevant when you’re dead… really dead, and not fake dead. And what will happen to the ONA? Same thing that happened to your other creations. The most ONA will do is inspire, influence, and encourage individual people to take what they like from it for establish their own thing… which is what has been happening for a long while now anyways.

You don’t seem to understand that people today associated with ONA don’t need you, don’t need your labyrinth of bullshit, don’t need your silly esoteric shit, don’t need your silly 10 or 13 questions, don’t need stupid fucking your inner circle.

What’s you’re stupid inner circle of sockpuppets going to do about this? About people who associate with ONA shitting on you? About me? What are you going to do about it Punk? Fucking lame ass punk. What the fuck are you going to do about. Blog some more emotive shit? You fucking emotional idealist. Fucking faggot. Fuck you and your faggotry.

What’s amusing Dave is: everytime you are asked to produce evidence to prove to everybody that your sockpuppet personas are real actual people, you deflect and weasel your way into a new subject.

Learn to fucking communicate constructively: we stick with one thing at a time. I fucking asked you to produce evidence to show everybody that your sockpuppets are real people. If they are real people, then they are REAL “ADEPTS” of ONA. Produce that evidence… that socks like R Parker, Lianna, DarkLogos etc are real flesh and blood people. You can’t. Why not? Here’s why:

1. They are your sockpuppets.
2. There is no such thing as an ONA “adept” besides you. Ever since the ONA has been around… during all those decades there has never been an adept. Not even Richard Moult was became one. This is the power whore game you are playing with people. You are a passive aggressive Control Freak. Only you and your makebelieve Old Guards and Inner Circle can ever be ONA adept. And what makes someone an adept? That they have answers to stupid questions. Not what they have done, how sincere they have practiced ONA shit. ONA is a failure: in that it has never created or produced one single actual adept. Because only you Dave and your socks can be adepts… can have that authority you want to hold on to.

That’s the game I’m talking about. You have handfuls of individuals who sincerely like your ONA… who have even associated with it for decades: and none of them can ever be “adepts” of ONA. No one has ever been an “adept” except you and the sockpuppet people you invent year after year.

Prove me wrong Dave. Show me and everyone here that at least one of your Old Guard / Inner Circle people is a real person and hence is at least one real ONA adept.

You can’t. Because I’m right.


—end quote—

Dave has been asked repeatedly to provide evidence that his sockpuppet Old Guards / Inner Circle “people” are verifiable real flesh and blood people, and Dave repeatedly evades, deflects, and weasels his way out by changing the subject.

The unfortunate thing is that begin that his inner circle / old guards are just him with sock accounts: there is no such thing as an “ONA Adept,” and there never was. Myatt is the only individual who has ever been allowed to be an ONA adept… him and his make-believe sockpuppet.

This is problematic for you ONA fanboys because you have joined a group that has an illusory ladder of “adeptship” to climb: a carrot on a stick… but you will never be able to be an ONA adept, because it is not what you do in ONA, or how many years of praxis and 7FW stuff you do that makes you an adept. What makes you an adept are “esoteric” answers to silly “questions of an adept” that Myatt makes up, the answers to which only he knows.

Test it: put in your many years of sincere application of the 7FW, and become an “adept,” and Myatt will lambast you publicly… he will ask you his silly questions, make up a few more, and prove to people that you aren’t an adept because you can’t answer his “esoteric” “questions of an adept.”

So, not only are his sockpuppet inner circle / old guards not real people, but “they” don’t have to spend 25 years chasing that carrot on a stick like you fanboys do. All “they” need are the “esoteric” answer to those “questions of an adept.”

There is a glass ceiling in ONA which you fanboys can’t see. Any time you are in a group which has a hierarchy – novice and adept, etc – and you are never allowed to reach the top of that hierarchy, to earn your place at that top level, to progress higher, where you forever remain at the bottom, you are sheep being kept at the bottom to SUPPORT the interests of those at the top.

Myatt only has one interest and that is his own petty fame, his name and image as a “public figure,” his status as an advanced occult guru, his mystique/mythos as the “true,” “real” and “genuine” guru of Satanism. Each time you fanboys use the ONA letters, associate with it, spread it, etc, you merely work for Myatt and his ego’s interests.